DNSSEC Support

  • Wednesday, 28th April, 2021
  • 00:15am

Dear Valued Customer,

We are constantly upgrading our application, infrastructure, networks, platforms, security, and systems. We take steps to ensure we provide a safe platform to our patrons and also to all users. The most crucial part of a business and organization is the domain name. It's the heart of each business in the world especially when everyone has a digital presence; online presence. Online perpetrators constantly finding ways to steal either an individual or business data or in another term, spoofing the actual data and point it to a malicious site.

To mitigate such act or risk, we have now enabled DNSSEC on our DNS servers for our clients to have a safe environment to host their Website and Email. In a simplified explanation of how DNSSEC works,  DNSSEC signs all the data sent on DNS records so resolvers can verify its authenticity. This ensures you are connecting to the DNS records that belong to the real domain name you are trying to reach, instead of a hijacked one (as it happens when you are victim of DNS hijacking attacks). With such features on place on our platform, it will be harder for hackers to spoof your DNS records and thus, keep your DNS records safe in which keeps your domain name safe.

For more info, please check our our KB via this link,

If you need help to configure the DNSSEC for your domain name, please contact us via support@theitguys.my. We are happy to help! Stay safe!

Thank you.

The IT Guys Team

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